David Pereira

Do Forward Exchange Contracts offer good protection against exchange risk?


Are you an expatriate in Switzerland or a cross-border worker who would like protection from exchange risk? Many individuals turn to the forward exchange service offered by their bank in the belief it will bring them risk-free savings. But it is unlikely to be the right choice. We explain why in this article.

Change CHF EUR

Changing Swiss francs into euros: 5 mistakes to avoid


Whether you’re a new arrival or a long-time Swiss resident, a loyal customer of your bank’s exchange service or curious about online exchange services – we share the five most common mistakes people make when exchanging money and ways to get it right.

5 things to consider for Swiss imports-exports


Since 1 January 1973 and the signing of the free-trade agreement between Switzerland and the European Economic Community, Swiss and French businesses have enjoyed a legal framework that favors the development of mutually beneficial business relationships.

What is a safe haven investment?


A safe haven investment is one whose value is stable, or increases, during major political, systemic or financial crises such…