How our online currency exchange service works

Trading online has never been easier. Find out how it works and how to sign up for our services.

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Change your currencies from your bank account

Send us the funds to be exchanged

From your usual e-banking account, send the funds that are to be exchanged to b-sharpe's IBAN - you can download it from your customer space.

The exchange is done in real time

As soon as we receive the funds, we make the exchange in real time by applying our preferential exchange conditions.

You receive your money

Your money is transferred to you immediately. You receive it the same day or the next working day.

Receive your salary directly from your employer

Now your salary can be paid directly into your bank account in another currency, thanks to b-sharpe.

We provide you with b-sharpe's CHF IBAN, which you can pass on to your employer

As soon as we receive your salary, we change it in real time, applying the current rate with a reduced margin

Once we have made your exchange, the transfer to your beneficiary account is made the same day, or the next working day


Create a solution that is custom-made for you

Our service can be adapted to the different situations you may face. Call us during our opening hours for :

Setting the rate in advance

We offer you the possibility to fix the exchange rate in advance for even more control over your operation*.

* This option requires you to send us the funds to be exchanged within a maximum of 48 hours.

Paying invoices

Know in advance the exact amount you will need to change to pay your bill.

For all of your questions, you can contact us by e-mail.

+41 22 311 11 82

Call us for all of the answers or help you need.
+41 22 311 11 82

+41 22 311 11 85

A dedicated number for your transactions. Contact our trading team.
+41 22 311 11 85

Online chat

Access the chat from our website during opening hours.

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