How it works

How does our online currency exchange service work?

Exchanging currency online has never been easier. Discover how the service works and how it can adapt to your needs.

Just three steps to exchange your currency

Register a new transaction in your b-sharpe customer space


Create a new transaction

Log into your customer space and go to “New transaction”


Enter the transaction details

– The amount you wish to exchange/ receive
– The currency you are exchanging into
– The account into which you want the funds deposited


Validate your transaction

We wait for your funds to arrive

Make an online bank transfer to b-sharpe


Send your funds to b-sharpe

Make a transfer from your online bank to the b-sharpe IBAN. You can download this from your customer area or it can be found on your exchange confirmation.


Provide your customer reference

Remember to include your customer reference on your bank transfer for a smooth transaction.

You can relax, b-sharpe takes care of the rest


b-share makes the transfer

As soon as we receive your funds, they will be exchanged and sent to your nominated bank account.

Our service adapts to all your needs

Receive your salary directly from your employer

Now your salary can be paid directly into your bank account in another currency, thanks to b-sharpe.

  1. We provide you with b-sharpe’s CHF IBAN, which you can pass on to your employer
  2. As soon as we receive your salary, we change it in real time, applying the current rate with a reduced margin
  3. Once we have made your exchange, the transfer to your beneficiary account is made the same day, or the next working day

Rate setting


1 . Setting the rate

You can set the rate with a member of our staff or via our apps. We are then committed to the rate, whatever happens on the market.


2 . You send us the funds

You undertake to send us the funds in currency A within a maximum of 48hrs*


3 . You receive your funds

in currency B within one working day.

For all of your questions, you can contact us by e-mail.

+41 22 311 11 82

Call us for all of the answers or help you need.
+41 22 311 11 82

+41 22 311 11 85

A dedicated number for your transactions. Contact our trading team.
+41 22 311 11 85

Online chat

Access the chat from our website during opening hours.

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