How our online currency exchange service works

Trading online has never been easier. Find out how it works and how to sign up for our services.


How easy is it to exchange your salary online?

Do you have a bank account in CHF?

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    You transfer your CHF salary to us automatically, or not, to our bank account in CHF

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    Upon receipt, we exchange your funds in real-time, applying the current rate with a reduced margin

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    Once your exchange is completed, the transfer is made to your beneficiary account on the same or the next business day

A solution that adapts to all your needs as a private individual

Automatically exchange your CHF salary into EUR

Transfer your savings from one country to another

Settle business-related invoices

Purchase a property abroad

Repay a foreign loan

Repatriation on 2nd and 3rd pillar

A currency exchange tool that also works for businesses

International payments & multi-currency accounts

Pre-fixed exchange rates

Settle foreign currency invoices

Reduce the number of foreign currency bank accounts

Employee payments in foreign currency

Reduce administrative burden

How we exchange your currency

1. We receive the funds you want to be exchanged

From your online banking, you send us the funds you wish to transfer using the b-sharpe IBAN, given to you upon registration.

2. We exchange the funds in real-time

As soon as we receive your funds, we perform the exchange in real-time by applying our preferential exchange conditions.
For amounts below CHF 5'000, a transaction fee of CHF 5 is applied.

3. You receive your money

Your money is immediately transferred to you. You receive it the same day or the next business day.


Online registration in less than 10 minutes

As a Swiss financial intermediary regulated by the So-Fit, which is affiliated to FINMA, we have a number of registration requirements to meet.


Step 1.

Fill in the registration form


Step 2.

Certify your identity online


Step 3.

Sign your contract electronically


Step 4.

Add supporting documents


Step 5.

Your account is activated in less than 24 hours