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The best exchange rates for all!

For Businesses

b-Sharpe provides comprehensive services to companies that enables them to manage their foreign exchange as well as its hedging operations more easily, and to take advantage of better rates.

For Individuals

Expatriates, cross-border workers or residents, enjoy the exchange rates usually reserved for very large companies for all your transactions. No need to move, all of your transactions can be conducted remotely and securely.

Enjoy Swiss compliance

Transaction security

The b-Sharpe platform is hosted in Switzerland and has the best encryption technologies.

Insured transfers

For your security, b-Sharpe is insured against fraud and misappropriation of up to 3 million CHF.

Speed and reliability of operations

We commit to handle your transactions within minutes of receipt.

Data privacy policy

The information and data you provide is stored on our secure servers in Switzerland.


1 I transfer the amount I want to exchange in complete security

You transfer the funds to be exchanged to b-Sharpe, by bank transfer. Our accounts are deposited in Swiss banks of the 1st order. These accounts are also clearly distinct from the b-Sharpe operating accounts, and they are accounts against which we cannot make withdrawals, ensuring security for our customers.

2 b-Sharpe offers the best exchange rates

Upon receipt of your funds, we conduct a real-time foreign exchange transaction, using the interbank rate at our reduced margin. This margin is on average 70% less than that applied by Swiss and French banks.


3 b-Sharpe transfers my currency within 24 hours!

We transfer the exchange value of your foreign exchange upstream to the indicated recipient’s account, whether it’s your own, your company’s or one of your suppliers, and within 24 hours.

Direct management of my currency exchange

I’m able to manage my currency transactions within minutes and without moving.

By telephone

b-Sharpe offers a dedicated customer service to accommodate your requests by phone.

By e-mail

b-Sharpe offers a dedicated customer service to accommodate your requests by email.

From an online platform

Coming soon, our management app. for your online foreign exchange transactions.

Frequently asked questions

General questions

What services does b-Sharpe offer?

b-Sharpe offers an innovative currency conversion and international payment service which aims to reduce the costs usually charged by banks. The idea is very simple:

  • In practice prohibitively expensive, traditional banks are not well adapted to serve either SME’s or individuals engaging in foreign exchange transactions.
  • b-Sharpe offer savings on such transactions through an ergonomic and highly secure platform.
  • The price is transparent, there are no hidden fees, the exchange rate that we display is an “all inclusive” rate (soon available on our platform).
  • b-Sharpe makes currency conversion and international payments transparent, simple and above all economic. Basically, as they should always have been.

A transaction with b-Sharpe is up to 10 times cheaper for our customers than a traditional bank.

Savings on foreign exchange transactions

What is the reference rate used by b-Sharpe to determine the final price?

For each transaction, the reference rate used by b-Sharpe is the real-time interbank rate. Our platform is continuously connected to the major players in the currency market.
So, our customers can be assured that the exchange rate that b-Sharpe applies is always only a small amount higher than the actual real time currency rate and therefore we can offer our customers lower prices for their foreign currency transactions.

Why is b-Sharpe cheaper than local banks?

Three key advantages allow b-Sharpe to be cheaper:

  • While individually our customers are subjected to market and banking commission, we mutualise them by volume and can therefore push the balance of power towards our clients.
  • Professional skills at your service: the b-Sharpe team is exclusively composed of professionals in the forex market, and has direct access to the trading floor and therefore benefits from the best available rates.
  • Overheads: b-Sharpe has developed a fully automated and integrated platform that allows the same manager to manage operations from start to finish, whereas a bank requires multiple services and many members of staff for the same transaction. We can reduce our cost structure and allow our customers benefit from: no transaction fees *, no opening fees nor account maintenance fees. As well as the many other additional costs that our clients are happy not to have to pay by making their transactions via b-Sharpe.

* b-Sharpe charges a transfer fee of CHF 8 for transactions less than CHF 5,000.- Or its equivalent, CHF 5.- for amounts between CHF 5,000.- and CHF 10,000.or equivalent. No fee is charged if the transaction exceeds CHF 10,000.-.

In no way do these fees represent profits for b-Sharpe. We are convinced that no matter how much currency is exchanged, our service saves money for our customers. Nevertheless our banking counterparts take transfer charges, which we have to pass on to the customer until we cover the deficit.

Hidden fees: what's that?

The price of a currency that can you find on Google or Yahoo Finance is, strictly speaking, an average of the bid and price of sale of a currency, at that moment. To keep it simple, it costs you more to buy a currency than you can sell it for. The difference between these two transactions, (also called “spread”), is the compensation for the financial intermediary.

Taking advantage of their dominant position and their natural monopoly, banks deviate maximally their purchase and sales to maximise their profits. So, between 3% and 4% of the amount you exchange will disappear without you even noticing.

But that’s not all! Banks may deduct processing or transaction fees from your account, after your operation With your bank, you never know how much an exchange will cost you.

b-Sharpe’s commitment is:

  • To reduce the exchange margin, taken by the banks, by two thirds.
  • To charge no fees for any amount over CHF 10,000 or equivalent.

How do you know that b-Sharpe does not have hidden fees?

b-Sharpe has made transparency a cornerstone of its service, so it is easy for our customers to check the margin and potential fees applied.

Nothing could be simpler: customers can compare the rates on the site with any independent provider (like Yahoo or Google). Our customers can then see that our margin over the interbank rate, is always the same and consistent with our policy of a 70% reduction on the margin applied by the banks.

How does b-Sharpe deliver this advantage?

b-Sharpe’s service is the meeting between technology (our platform is at the forefront) and the expertise of our currency traders.

The technology we have developed acts as a powerful accelerator of the transaction process: our platform, by dealing instantly with your requests, can satisfy a large number of clients simultaneously. So if our unit profit is low, our global volume allows us to offer significant savings.


What currencies can be exchanged with b-Sharpe?

Although b-Sharpe principally deals with CHF, EUR, GBP and USD, customers may opt to change their money into over 20 currencies. Our customers can be confident in sending money to almost any country in world.

The good news is that our policy remains the same regardless of the currencies you exchange: we make a 70% reduction on the margin applied by banks. And believe us, for certain “exotic” currencies, bank margins can be huge, as much as 10%!


Are payments secure?

Yes, and in the strictest manner. Our platform uses some of the most advanced encryption technologies and the bank accounts, into which funds are deposited on behalf of our customers, are covered by Swiss federal rules on security.

How long does it take to make a transaction?

From the time our clients send us their money to be exchanged to the time they receive the exchanged currency, it takes up to two days. One day for the account to be credited b-Sharpe, and a day for our customers to receive the exchanged currency. It takes our customer’s single mouse click to make the conversion, thanks to our technology which can process your requests instantly.

48h, during which time, our customers can track the progress of the transaction, live, via their online b-Sharpe account.

At the same time, we offer an express payment service which reduces the time the transaction takes to 24hrs, subject to a CHF 5 charge.-.

Can our customers control the progress of their transactions?

It will be soon available! We will give our clients the greatest control over their transactions. They will be able to input the recipients, choose the currency, and particularly have the ability to validate the conversion transaction itself, including the exchange rate. And all with a few mouse clicks on our platform.


Can we use the b-Sharpe services to speculate?

No, b-Sharpe is absolutely not a broker, neither a bank. The heart of our business is to “deliver” to our customers, the currency they want and to where they want it. Therefore our service is absolutely not for speculators, it is dedicated exclusively to transactions that have a true economic purpose.

What do our clients think of us

B-Sharpe provide a unrivalled platform and service within their industry. The level of service and professionalism that I have experienced first hand is a testament to the dedication of the company to service their clients needs. The process regarding all transactions is smooth and swift and I can only offer my highest recommendation for this team.
Smith Paul
Contracts Manager
B-Sharpe provide a unrivalled platform and service within their industry. The level of service and professionalism that I have experienced first hand is a testament to the dedication of the company to service their clients needs. The process regarding all transactions is smooth and swift and I can only offer my highest recommendation for this team.
Smith Paul
Contracts Manager

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