Save 70% on your currency exchange transactions

Fast, secure and with no subscription, b-sharpe
is a service that allows individuals and
SMEs to conduct their transactions
at the best exchange rates

b-Sharpe rate:

Operating costs: 0 CHF

Expected date of receipt of funds:

2020-02-26 (24h)

NEWS! Migros Genève becomes a significant shareholder of b-sharpe

The cooperative Migros Genève and b-Sharpe SA, a key Swiss player in online currency exchange offering preferential rates, have today announced the signing of a strategic and financial partnership.


Currency exchange
easier, quicker and more secure

Security. We take care of your money

The bank accounts to which our clients' funds are deposited comply with Swiss federal security rules.

Our 3 million Swiss francs insurance cover protects your transactions against fraud and piracy, and provides total security for your foreign exchange transactions.


Service quality. We take care of our customers

Our customer service is easily reachable by chat, phone or email. The quality of our service is recognized by our customers who have given us a rating of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot's independent review platform.

We also provide autonomy to our customers for their operations, inside the personal space of their application.

Speed ​​ of transactions

For current transactions (eg EUR CHF), your funds are available in your account in 24 hours.

In some cases, we can also make money available the same day.


Agility. Multi-platform

Complete your currency exchange operations easily from your desktop or laptop with our web application.

Our web application allows you to carry out your mobile transactions. We will soon provide you with a b-sharpe mobile application compatible with iOs and Android.

Do you prefer human contact? Do you have a question to ask us, or an exchange rate to set in advance? You can contact us by phone and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Take advantage of our preferential rates and save up to 70% on your currency exchange transactions

Each month, cross-border workers need to exchange their salaries in Swiss francs. For those wishing to acquire real estate, financing requires exchanging large amounts of Swiss francs, euros or other types of currency.

With b-sharpe, our cross-border clients optimise their exchange fees in a safe and secure manner with one of the fastest processing times in the industry.

Find out more on our cross-border worker page

As a resident of Switzerland, the purchase of foreign real estate (whether buying a primary or secondary home) or the early repayment of a loan may require foreign exchange transactions on large amounts.

With its reduced and regressive margins which are based on the amount, b-sharpe offers the best exchange rates for these types of transactions.

Expatriate customers who arrive in or leave a country sometimes need specific currencies in order to get settled and pay basic expenses. Others need to transfer a monthly instalment for a foreign real estate loan.

b-sharpe is the ideal solution for expatriates who wish to manage their foreign exchange transactions in a cost-effective and secure manner.


To date, b-sharpe's clients...


have exchanged more than 
1'000'000'000 CHF


have access to more
than 20 different currencies


are more than 15'000
satisfied users

Are you an SME, an international organisation or association or an HR professional?

b-sharpe is also available on more than 20 currencies to SMEs, international organisations and associations who conduct foreign exchange transactions and pay foreign suppliers.

Our customers trust us

5 good reasons to use b-sharpe

On average, you'll save 70% on the fees charged by your bank or financial intermediary

b-sharpe offers the best exchange rate on more than 20 currencies

Whether for regular transactions (for example, the monthly exchange and international transfer of a dollar amount for your children studying abroad) or occasional transactions (such as the exchange of a foreign currency amount for a trip abroad), with b-sharpe, you can save an average of 70% off the margin deducted from the exchange rate. This guarantees you a better exchange rate.

Specific examples of currency exchanges and transfers

  • For an exchange of 2,000 CHF to EUR per month, the yearly savings would be 240 EUR
  • For an exchange of 3,000 EUR to USD for holidays, the one-time savings would be 30 USD

In both cases, the international transfer of currency to the bank of your choice is free of charge

You don't need to change banks for your currency exchange transactions

The b-sharpe exchange platform allows you to exchange currency and conduct international transfers without having to change your banking habits

b-sharpe is an online service allowing individuals to exchange currency and conduct international transfers at optimal rates. b-sharpe's services are compatible with your regular banking services. From your bank, simply transfer the funds you wish to exchange, and b-sharpe takes care of the currency exchange transaction. We then conduct the international or local transfer to the bank of your choice.

How b-sharpe works in just a few steps

  1. After you register with b-sharpe, we'll send you an IBAN account number to send to your bank.
  2. From your usual bank, you send your b-sharpe account the amount you wish to exchange by specifying the currency you want to receive.
  3. Once the currency exchange has been completed, b-sharpe transfers the desired amount in foreign currency to the bank of your choice.

A double layer of security which allows you to change currency and make international transfers with 100% peace of mind

Safer foreign exchange transactions and international transfers

The currency exchange transactions and international transfers performed by the Swiss platform b-sharpe rely on state-of-the-art technologies which guarantee a very high level of security.

What's more, by conducting your transactions electronically, you considerably reduce human risk factors such as theft, assault, loss, etc.

Fraud insurance

With b-sharpe, your international transfers are insured at no additional cost for a total amount of 3 million Swiss francs.

Currency exchange and international transfers are conducted quickly and easily

Your currency exchange transactions are completed in just a few hours

With b-sharpe, exchanging currencies or making international transfers take from just a few minutes to 48 hours for more complex transactions.

In every instance, in order for you to enjoy the best currency exchange experience, we start handling your exchange transaction within minutes of your request.

Choose whatever contact method you prefer

Do you prefer to handle your exchange transactions via telephone? Would you rather do an international transfer directly through our internet platform? Or do you want to track an order via email?
b-sharpe adapts to whichever contact method you prefer in order to provide you with the best currency exchange and international transfer service possible.

Transparent currency exchange transactions

For each transaction conducted using b-sharpe, you'll know the exchange fee and margin

When you conduct a currency exchange transaction at an exchange office or a bank, you typically don't know the actual exchange rate or margin that you'll be paying.
b-sharpe, by contrast, aims to be as transparent as possible with its clients. For each currency exchange transaction, the margin and fees are communicated in a clear and precise manner.


b-sharpe is the Swiss Fintech of choice for your foreign exchange transactions

b-sharpe is regulated by OARG, affiliated with FINMA
and offers every guarantee related to its activity
as a financial intermediary


b-sharpe is a member of the following associations:


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What service is offered by b-sharpe?

b-sharpe is an online currency exchange and international transfer service who offers exchange rates to SMEs and individuals which banks normally reserve for large international groups and their largest customers.

Conducting foreign exchange transactions with b-sharpe costs our customers between five and ten times less than with their traditional bank.

Customers can conduct their foreign exchange transactions using our multi-currency platform or by telephone.

b-sharpe's SME clients are composed of importing and exporting companies who, for example, purchase raw materials, sell internationally or purchase products and services in foreign currencies.

Why is b-sharpe cheaper than banks when it comes to foreign currency exchange?

Three distinct advantages make b-sharpe cheaper:

  • While individually, our clients are subject to market and banking commissions, we pool their volumes and are therefore able to rebalance the power relationship in their favour.
  • Professional skills at your service: b-sharpe's team is composed exclusively of foreign currency market and web professionals who have direct access to trading rooms and therefore access to the best available exchange rates.
  • Fixed costs: b-sharpe has developed a platform which allows the same manager to handle your operations from start to finish, whereas a bank would involve several departments and as many staff members for the same transaction. We reduce our fixed costs and pass them on to our customers: there are no transaction fees*, no opening fees and no account maintenance fees. There are many additional costs that our customers are more than happy not to pay because they conduct their transactions through b-sharpe.

* b-Sharpe charges a transfer fee of 5 Swiss francs (CHF) per transaction if less than 5,000 Swiss francs (CHF) or its equivalent. No fees are charged if the transaction exceeds 5,000 Swiss francs (CHF).

These unit charges do not constitute b-Sharpe's remuneration. We're convinced that no matter how much the amounts change, our service saves our customers money.

What is the exchange rate that's used by b-sharpe?

For each of its transactions, b-sharpe uses the real-time interbank exchange rate at the time at which b-sharpe receives the funds. Our platform is continuously connected to the major players in the foreign exchange market.

Through our multi-currency platform, your SME is guaranteed to receive the most attractive exchange rates which are closest to the interbank market.

Which currencies are handled by b-sharpe?

b-sharpe offers more than 20 currencies for your future foreign exchange transactions, the main ones being Swiss francs (CHF), euros (EUR), dollars (USD), pounds sterling (GBP) and Japanese yen (JPY).

Through our multi-currency platform, you're sure to enjoy some of the most attractive exchange rates on the market.

Is my company's money secure with b-sharpe?

At b-sharpe, your money is secure. b-sharpe has taken out fraud insurance which guarantees all transfers up to 3 million Swiss francs (CHF).

With b-sharpe, your international transactions and transfers are secured with the most advanced encryption technologies. Additionally, the b-sharpe platform and all customer data is hosted in Switzerland.

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