Transfer your paycheck in the currency of your choice

Sending your paycheck abroad in the currency of your choice has never been so simple. With b-sharpe you receive a transparent rate and save.


How to exchange my paycheck ?

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Transferring your paycheck from your bank account

1. Determine the amount of your pay you would like to exchange.

2. Through your b-sharpe account, send the amount in question in Swiss franc, specifying through your client portal the currency and the account in which you want to receive it.

3. You will receive the funds within 24 hours, or the following business day.

Receive your paycheck directly from your employer

You do not need a bank account in Swizterland:

1. We will provide a document with the details of b-sharpe's Swiss account for you to provide to your employer

2. Provide your employer with your client code, available in your client portal, which they will have to provide along with the transfer so that you can be identified as the recipient

3. We will exchange your funds and transfer them to the designated account in the currency of your choice, within 24 hours or the next business day.

You can also notify us of the receipt of your paycheck in your client portal.

You can also notify us of the receipt of your paycheck in your client portal.

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A high quality, high security service

Your funds are insured

Your money is protected with every transaction against fraud and hacking thanks to insurance coverage of 5 million Swiss francs.

Our team is always available

You can get help by phone or email during our business hours. Thanks to your client portal, you can complete all your transactions through our web or mobile apps.
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A variety of tools at your fingertips

Lock in the exchange rate by calling in advance during business hours

Connect your designated accounts

Get a notification when your tracked currencies reach your desired exchange rates