Pay your bills in foreign currencies

When you need to change currencies to pay a commercial invoice, purchase goods, or even pay your insurance premium, b-sharpe enables you to take advantange of competitive rates.


A partner for each transaction

Payment of commercial invoices

You can pay your commercial invoices with b-sharpe and benefit from a competitive rate.

Purchasing goods abroad

You can use our service to complete transactions abroad, including for purchases such as cars.

Payment of insurance premiums

If you've obtained an insurance policy abroad, you can pay your premiums in another currency.

For any of the above situations, all you need to do is provide us with proof (for example, a copy of an invoice) as well as the bank details of your supplier at


A variety of tools at your fingertips

Lock in the exchange rate by calling in advance during business hours

Add in your designated accounts

Get a notification as soon as your tracked currencies reach your desired rates

A high quality, high security service

Your funds are insured

Your money is protected with every transaction against fraud and hacking thanks to insurance coverage of 5 million Swiss francs.

Our team is always available

You can get help by phone or email during our business hours. Thanks to your client portal, you can complete whatever you need to through our web or mobile apps. Contact us!