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Simplify your foreign exchange transactions

The online currency exchange service for SMEs

Swiss expertise

We provide our Swiss currency exchange expertise to more than 900 SMEs, self-employed professionals and international organisations.


Our conditions are transparent and surpriseless. Our customers save time and money thanks to our online service.


Our accounts are insured against fraud and hacking up to CHF 3 million. Our business is subject to Swiss financial regulation through the OAR-G, which is affiliated to FINMA.

We help you with your foreign exchange transactions

Foreign exchange transactions in more than 20 currencies

Fast execution of foreign exchange transactions

Personalized contact with foreign exchange experts

Transparent exchange rates and prices

Ability to lock exchange rates in advance

Premium support to accompany you

An alliance


International payments & multi-currency accounts

Whether you are an exporting company or have to manage foreign currency expenses, you can make your international payments with our multi-currency account. We provide bank accounts and IBAN in more than 20 currencies, manage the exchange and transfer your funds.

More than 20 currencies available (EUR, CHF, GBP, USD, CAD...)

Reduce the number of foreign currency bank accounts held

Immediate availability of bank accounts (IBAN, SWIFT)

Payment of invoices in foreign currencies

Payment to a supplier in a foreign currency can be expensive and time-consuming for your business. For your convenience, we take care of the entire process of international invoice payment, from setting the exchange rate in advance to transferring the funds directly to the supplier.

Exchange rate locked in

Advantageous exchange conditions

Handling of the payment process for invoices

Employee payroll in foreign currency

If you are a service and engineering company, an employment agency or a wage portage company, with employees working or living abroad, paying your employees' salaries or mission expenses in foreign currency can be complicated and expensive. We provide you with our expertise and a simple solution to make the payment of salaries and transfers simple, fast and at advantageous exchange rates for you and your employees.

Centralized and simplified payment system

Foreign exchange and transfer management carried out by us

Savings of several thousand francs

How our service works


1. Register for free

Registering is quick and easy. In 3 minutes your account is created, and we activate your personal space in less than 24 hours. 


2. Make your transaction

Add your beneficiary account(s) and transfer the funds to be exchanged to a b-sharpe account by bank transfer from your bank's e-banking system, or directly from your employer.


3. We exchange your money

Upon receipt of your funds, we perform the exchange in real time, applying to the interbank rate the exchange margin corresponding to your conditions, in a totally transparent manner.


4. We transfer your funds

As soon as your exchange is completed, the transfer to your beneficiary account is made before noon. If your transfer arrives after 12 noon, it will only reach your bank account the next working day.

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