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Currency exchange
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Security. We take care of your money

Our 3 million Swiss francs insurance cover protects your transactions against fraud and piracy, and provides total security for your foreign exchange transactions.

Our platform uses some of the most advanced SSL encryption technologies, and the bank accounts to which our clients' funds are deposited comply with Swiss federal security rules.

Un bouclier dans lequel est inscrit 3M pour signifier que les fonds sont assurés jusqu'à 3 millions de francs suisses.

Service quality. We take care of our customers

Our customer service is easily reachable by chat, phone or email. The quality of our service is recognized by our customers who have given us a rating of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot's independent review platform.

We also provide autonomy to our customers for their operations, inside the personal space of their application.

Deux personnes représentent le service client et qui se chargent de la satisfaction des clients.

Speed ​​ of transactions

For current transactions (eg EUR CHF), your funds are available in your account in 24 hours.

In some cases, we can also make money available the same day.

Un chronomètre sur lequel est inscrit -24h afin de signifier que les fonds sont transférés dans les 24 heures.

Keep your banking habits

The multi-currency b-sharpe platform provides a very flexible solution that integrates seamlessly into your international payment preferences in a very simple way.

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Does your SME export or import goods or services and is subject to exchange rate fluctuations? Do you make international transfers and pay invoices in several currencies?

b-sharpe, with its multi-currency platform, enables companies to manage their foreign exchange transactions easily and at reduced costs, regardless of their location.

As a self-employed person, perhaps you offer your services to companies or individuals who pay you in a currency other than your own.

With its multi-currency account, b-sharpe offers you an extremely practical service which allows you to reduce your exchange costs in a very flexible way without having to change banks.

Do your remote workers or expatriate employees need to be paid in different currencies? Do you have cross-border workers on your teams?

b-sharpe offers a trustworthy, practical and quick solution for your employees. We can also help with paying salaries and expenses, thanks to our ability to easily integrate into your processes.

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To date, b-sharpe's clients...


have exchanged more than 
1'000'000'000 CHF


have access to more
than 20 different currencies


are more than 16'000
satisfied users

Our customers trust us


b-sharpe is the Swiss Fintech of choice for your foreign exchange transactions

b-sharpe is regulated by OARG, affiliated with FINMA
and offers every guarantee related to its activity
as a financial intermediary


b-sharpe is a member of the following associations:


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What service is offered by b-sharpe?

b-sharpe is an online currency exchange and international transfer service who offers exchange rates to SMEs and individuals which banks normally reserve for large international groups and their largest customers.

Conducting foreign exchange transactions with b-sharpe costs our customers between five and ten times less than with their traditional bank.

Customers can conduct their foreign exchange transactions using our multi-currency platform or by telephone.

b-sharpe's SME clients are composed of importing and exporting companies who, for example, purchase raw materials, sell internationally or purchase products and services in foreign currencies.

Why is b-sharpe cheaper than banks when it comes to foreign currency exchange?

Three distinct advantages make b-sharpe cheaper:

  • While individually, our clients are subject to market and banking commissions, we pool their volumes and are therefore able to rebalance the power relationship in their favour.
  • Professional skills at your service: b-sharpe's team is composed exclusively of foreign currency market and web professionals who have direct access to trading rooms and therefore access to the best available exchange rates.
  • Fixed costs: b-sharpe has developed a platform which allows the same manager to handle your operations from start to finish, whereas a bank would involve several departments and as many staff members for the same transaction. We reduce our fixed costs and pass them on to our customers: there are no transaction fees*, no opening fees and no account maintenance fees. There are many additional costs that our customers are more than happy not to pay because they conduct their transactions through b-sharpe.

* b-Sharpe charges a transfer fee of 5 Swiss francs (CHF) per transaction if less than 5,000 Swiss francs (CHF) or its equivalent. No fees are charged if the transaction exceeds 5,000 Swiss francs (CHF).

These unit charges do not constitute b-Sharpe's remuneration. We're convinced that no matter how much the amounts change, our service saves our customers money.

What is the exchange rate that's used by b-sharpe?

For each of its transactions, b-sharpe uses the real-time interbank exchange rate at the time at which b-sharpe receives the funds. Our platform is continuously connected to the major players in the foreign exchange market.

Through our multi-currency platform, your SME is guaranteed to receive the most attractive exchange rates which are closest to the interbank market.

Which currencies are handled by b-sharpe?

b-sharpe offers more than 20 currencies for your future foreign exchange transactions, the main ones being Swiss francs (CHF), euros (EUR), dollars (USD), pounds sterling (GBP) and Japanese yen (JPY).

Through our multi-currency platform, you're sure to enjoy some of the most attractive exchange rates on the market.

Is my company's money secure with b-sharpe?

At b-sharpe, your money is secure. b-sharpe has taken out fraud insurance which guarantees all transfers up to 3 million Swiss francs (CHF).

With b-sharpe, your international transactions and transfers are secured with the most advanced encryption technologies. Additionally, the b-sharpe platform and all customer data is hosted in Switzerland.

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