Legal notice

Legal notice

Non-responsibility clause/Disclaimer

Anyone who views the information published on the b-sharpe SA website (hereinafter “b-sharpe”) at and/or is responsible for providing and maintaining the means by which they access the Site, including in particular the necessary computer equipment (hardware and software) as well as an Internet connection.

This person is responsible for access in addition to all costs necessary for connecting to the Site, and this person assumes all risks associated with the use and storage of connection information on the computer equipment or server used to access the Site and its services.

This person shall take all necessary precautions to ensure that the Site is not exposed to computer viruses such as worms or Trojan horses or any other dangerous and/or inappropriate equipment or devices.

If a virus or other malicious device is deemed to have been transmitted to the Site from the Client’s IP address, b-sharpe reserves the right to terminate the Client’s account, and the Client shall be liable for the costs of removing such viruses and repairing the damage in addition to any other costs which b-sharpe may incur as a result of the Client’s malicious or negligent behaviour, however slight.

As such, he or she accepts the following conditions:

No offer or advice

The content published on the b-sharpe website is for information purposes only. They constitute no incitement, offer or recommendation to conduct transactions.

b-sharpe assumes no responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the information contained on the site, nor for any damage resulting from actions taken on the basis of information contained in this publication or any other b-sharpe publication.

b-sharpe expressly reserves the right to modifiy its prices or the configuration of services offered at any time. It is expressly stated that the b-sharpe website offers no advice.

Opinions and other information do not constitute decision-making aids for legal, tax or other matters.

Limited access and geographical restrictions

The b-sharpe website is not intended for legal or natural persons who, by virtue of their nationality, corporate headquarters, domicile or for any other reason, are subject to a legal system which prohibits or limits in particular the publication of content, access to the b-sharpe website or the activities of a foreign financial service provider such as those provided by b-sharpe.

Access to the b-sharpe website is prohibited to persons subject to these restrictions.

Please inform yourself on the legal system applicable in your country.


By clicking on links on and/or, you may be leaving the site.

b-sharpe has not verified the sites which are hyperlinked to and/or, and declines any responsibility for the content, products and services or for any other offers published there.

Privacy statement/data protection (GDPR)

b-sharpe collects and uses information in order to conduct its activities. For more details on how b-sharpe processes data, please see our “Data Protection” page.

We’d like to draw our users’ attention to the fact that they can make an additional contribution to data security by ensuring that they choose a complex password and avoid making it public (in particular, please avoid storing this password in a file on your computer).

Ownership, copyright information

All information and analyses published on and are the property of b-sharpe, the service provider or the third party who makes this information available to said service provider or b-sharpe. Viewing, reproducing, saving or using part or all of the information on and/or is authorised solely for personal use. Copyright information, brand names and other legally protected designations may not be modified or deleted. The reproduction or use of part or all of the content for public or business purposes is subject to the prior written approval of b-sharpe.

Place of jurisdiction

Any legal relationship between b-sharpe and users of the b-sharpe website is governed by Swiss law.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is at b-sharpe SA’s corporate headquarters.

Last updated on August 27, 2018