Now, the process is a lot faster: the customer can register and identify at the same time, even using a mobile device


b-Sharpe will optimise your exchange rates with an alternative to traditional methods for companies and cross border employees.

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Cross-border workers no longer need a swiss bank account, they can receive their salary directly from their employer, with very low fees


B-Sharpe presents some of the lowest prices on an ergonomic platform with a completely personalised service.


Cross Border Employees could save a few hundred francs a year by monitoring the bank charges and exchange rates applied during transfers.


Exchange charges are on average 70% less with the Web companies than at the banks (bcurrency exchange offices are in between).


b-Sharpe offers many solutions to SMEs, large companies and individuals, to better manage their foreign exchange issues while benefiting from some of the most attractive exchange rates on the market.

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Comme avec Uber pour le transport de personnes, le secteur du change de monnaies évolue rapidement avec l’apparition d’entreprises qui utilisent les nouvelles technologies pour proposer sans intermédiaire des services moins chers.