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b-sharpe is the Swiss online currency exchange company. Based in Geneva, b-sharpe assists individuals and companies with their foreign exchange needs quickly and simply. Thanks to its intuitive interface and transparent and affordable pricing structure, b-sharpe makes your foreign exchange transactions much simpler.
In November 2019, la Coopérative Migros Genève acquired a stake in b-sharpe SA, and the two companies are also strategic partners.

b-sharpe offers an innovative currency conversion and international payment service that aims to reduce the fees usually charged by banks. The main features of our offer are :

  • preferential exchange rates,
  • real-time exchange rate reservation,
  • premium customer service,
  • included CHF 5 million insurance guarantee against piracy and embezzlement,
  • multi-currency account.

With b-sharpe, our customers spend less time worrying about their money and more time enjoying it.

Registration with b-sharpe is free of charge, without subscription and without obligation.
There are therefore no charges for opening or maintaining your account.

We accept most clients, regardless of nationality or place of residence, with the following exceptions:

  • US clients or clients who have resided in the United States (however, it is entirely possible to use b-sharpe to transfer funds to your children studying in the United States),
  • absence of justification at the time of registration allowing for the formal identification of your identity and place of residence.

Any registration is verified by our services which reserve the right to accept it according to the elements we have in our possession.


You don't need to change banks to use b-sharpe. b-sharpe comes as a complement to your usual banking system and adapts to all situations. Concretely, whether you are a private individual or a company, b-sharpe will give you an account number (non-nominal IBAN) to which you must transfer the amount of money you wish to change.

On receipt of the money in the account, b-sharpe will proceed with the exchange, and will return the changed funds to the account you have sent us.

Important: b-sharpe is not a bank and is not allowed to hold customer money for more than 24 hours. Money transferred to our accounts is, upon receipt, changed and returned immediately.

Yes, and in the most strict manner. Our platform uses some of the most advanced encryption technologies and the bank accounts on which our clients' funds are deposited comply with Swiss federal security regulations.
Finally, our CHF 5 million insurance guarantee included protects the funds that transit through our accounts against hacking and misappropriation of physical and digital funds.

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