Repatriate your 2nd and 3rd pillar pension plans

Cross-border workers in Switzerland who wish to (and have the ability to do so) can repatriate a portion of their 2nd or 3rd pillar pension plans.
  • The 2nd pillar pension plan, also known as the occupational pension provision, represents a potentially significant amount in Swiss francs (from several tens of thousands to several hundreds of thousands, and even more on the uppermost end).
  • The 3rd pillar pension plan, which is a form of the so-called optional pension provision (in which the cross-border worker can choose whether or not to contribute) can also represent a significant amount of Swiss francs.

In both cases, any cross-border worker wanting to withdraw Swiss francs from his or her pension for a purchase in euros (such as for retirement, the purchase of a primary residence or for starting a business) will have an interest, given the amounts involved, in minimising exchange costs and obtaining the best exchange rate. This is precisely what b-sharpe can offer you with its competitive currency exchange service.

How to repatriate your 2nd pillar pension plan as a cross-border worker

A cross-border worker can decide to withdraw funds from his or her 2nd pillar pension plan in a number of situations:

  • if they are of legal retirement age in Switzerland (65 years for men; 64 years for women),
  • if they wish to take early retirement and if the pension fund regulations allow it (at age 58),
  • for the purchase of a primary residence,
  • for starting a business.

Reducing exchange fees for the repatriation of a 3rd pillar pension plan

The 3rd pillar pension plan is a retirement program that can take several forms:
  • Pillar 3b is a retirement supplement whose value is expressed in Swiss francs. Funds can be withdrawn under conditions similar to those of the 2nd pillar plan.
  • Pillar 3b works more like a life insurance contract and, depending on the type of contract chosen, it allows the insured person to receive pension benefits (in the event of death, for example) in addition to a lump sum.

Whatever the type of 3rd pillar pension plan, a cross-border worker who decides to cash it out and transfer it out of Switzerland will also enjoy minimal exchange fees and a very attractive exchange rate when converting Swiss francs into euros.

How to benefit from b-sharpe's great terms

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  2. After your account is approved, you'll receive an IBAN, which you can send to your insurance company or pension fund as well as a document certifying that we will transfer the full amount received to the recipient's account.
  3. The funds in Swiss francs will then be transferred to b-sharpe, who will then exchange them for euros.
  4. b-sharpe will then transfer the funds to the bank account of your choice