How to certify your identity document

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    Need help ?

    If you need help to validate your ID, please contact our support team.

    Where can I find the ID validation feature?

    In your personal space you can validate online your identity document or passport.

    This service is free.

    During your registration process, you will be offered an "Identity Certification" screen after entering your personal information. Take your valid passport or identity card with you, read the instructions on the screen, click on "Continue" and follow the instructions.

    Capture d’écran (168)

    Instructions for taking a picture of your identity card

    What ID is accepted?

    Our system accepts passports and identity cards from most countries in the world, as long as the document contains an MRZ code (the MRZ code is a code of letters, numbers and characters at the bottom of the passport and identity card (see below).

    • If you decide to have your passport certified, you will have a photo to take.
    • If you decide to certify your ID, you will have 2 photos to take

    Generally speaking, apart from these photos, the process is exactly the same.


    Please note: it is not necessary to certify your passport and identity document, one of the two is sufficient.

    How to certify your identity documents

    Identity Verification Welcome Screen

    • Click on the "Continue" button.
    • At this point, keep your ID ready, you will need it.

    Choose your passport or identity card

    • On the next screen, the system will ask you to choose the type of document you wish to have certified: your passport or identity card.
    • The certification is the same for the both documents.
    • For the identity card, you need to take a photo of the front and back of the card, whereas for the passport only one page will be taken.
    • To get started, click on either option.

    Select your issuing country

    You will have to choose the country that issued your ID.


    Continue on your mobile

    you will receive a text message with a secure link

    By clicking on this link, you will be redirected to your smartphone's browser, and the identity certification will begin.

    At this point, just click on "Get secure link".


    Get your secure link

    • Here you can scan the QR code with your phone, or click on "Get link via SMS" to receive the link directly on your phone.

    Front of ID

    • The text message you received contains a link by Onfido, our identity certification service.
    • Tap on "Enable camera" to continue.

    Certification of the front of your ID

    At this stage, the system will ask you to take a picture of the front of your ID. For a better result, we suggest that you put your ID on a support and take the photo. The moment you take the photo, you will be guided. In case of reflection problems or other problems, you will be notified to modify your shot.

    It is important that the information on the card is clearly readable. If you cannot do this yourself, the document will not be accepted and you will have to start again.

    For an optimal result :

    • Leave a margin around the document
    • Make sure you take the picture in a bright place.
    • Avoid flashes and direct light that causes reflections.

    Certification of the back of the ID

    You will be asked to take a photo of the back of your identity card.

    Important: If you are certifying your passport, only the page of the passport containing the photograph and personal information must be taken.


    Identity verification - selfie

    Take a selfie

    In our identity certification process, we will ask you to take a selfie. The system will guide you and offer to take a picture of you in a specific frame. For an optimal result, please respect this frame.

    As for the photos of the previous step, it is necessary that the photo taken is not blurred.

    In case of difficulty, the system may ask you to take the selfie using another mode. To do this, follow the instructions on the screen.

    Finally, the system will ask you to validate the selfie: if the photo you have just taken is not satisfactory, you can start again at this stage. All you have to do is click on "Start again".


    End of the certification process

    You will be informed of the end of the certification process by a message.

    If you started the certification from a computer, the message will prompt you to return to your computer to finalize your registration.

    If you enrolled from your mobile phone, simply follow the instructions.

    In all cases, follow the steps to complete the registration process.

    Please note: it may take a little time between the time the identity documents have been downloaded and the next step is displayed. During this interval, do not refresh the screen, just wait.