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Online certification of your ID with b-sharpe

Under Swiss anti-money laundering law, we have a legal obligation to identify each of our clients. In the process of registering for our service, you will, therefore, be required to carry out an identity certification. This is done remotely, directly online. You will need your identity card or passport for this. First of all, your document must be valid.

The entire certification procedure is carried out via your customer area. Consult our guide to validating your identity document to obtain all the necessary details, step by step.

Foreign exchange operations

On your customer area, you can tell b-sharpe about your next exchange transaction.

This way you can :

  • enter the amount you wish to change, and the currency
  • choose the currency you wish to receive
    select the account to which you wish to transfer the changed money
  • select the date on which you want to send the money

Once this announcement is made, once we receive the money (either from your account or directly from your employer), we will transfer it to the account you have chosen.

Important: b-sharpe is not allowed to collect the money from your account, so it is important that you transfer it to the b-sharpe account you provided when you registered.

General information

For security reasons, b-sharpe will do this for you.
Please contact us by e-mail or by telephone on +41 22 311 11 82.

Not yet, the application will be available soon. However, it is possible to use our services and access your customer area on your smartphone.

Data Management

In your customer area, you can add a bank account, in the "My Bank Accounts" section of the menu.

However, it is not possible to delete or modify it for security reasons. For this, we invite you to contact us at, giving us all the necessary details.

Please contact us at Please note that we will ask you for a proof of address less than 3 months old for this new address.

If you have registered them with the same e-mail address, you can switch from one account to the other by clicking on "Account" and then "Change Customer Account".

Otherwise, you will need to access your accounts separately.

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