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Employee with bank account in Switzerland

To make your first transaction, here are the steps to follow:

  • Announce your transfer on your b-sharpe customer area
    • connect to your customer area
    • on the menu, click on "Notify b-sharpe of a funds transfer."
    • Enter the amount you want to change, and the currency.
    • choose the currency you wish to receive
    • select the account to which you wish to transfer the changed money
    • select the date on which you want to send the money.

You must then make the transfer from the b-sharpe bank account that you will find in your customer area "Menu" then "IBAN & b-sharpe accounts".

Once you have done this, you will need to go to your bank's ebanking.

  • Transfer the money from your account to the b-sharpe account.

b-sharpe is not allowed to take money out of your account. It is therefore essential that you make the transfer from your account to the b-sharpe account. This transfer is usually made from your e-banking account.

Important: in the reason for the transfer, please indicate your b-sharpe customer code starting with C followed by 7 digits (C1234567 for example) so that we can formally identify your online transfer. If the money goes directly from the employer, the employer must also mention these indications in the reason for payment (an explanatory document that can be downloaded from your client area is available and should be given to your employer).

As soon as we receive the money (either from your account or directly from your employer), we will transfer it to your chosen account.

If you wish to make an express transfer (receipt of funds on your account the same day), you must :

  • send us the funds you wish to change before 11:00 a.m. on business days (Monday - Friday),
  • enter the current value date on your bank's e-banking system,
  • contact us by phone to ask us to take advantage of this express service.

Note: this service is free, but not yet automated.

For each transaction, the reference rate used by b-sharpe is the real-time interbank market rate, to which we add our margin. Indeed, our platform is continuously connected to the major players in the currency market.

This allows us to ensure that the exchange rate b-sharpe applies always remains as close as possible to the actual price of a currency, so our clients do not pay more for their foreign currency transactions.

For more information on the exchange rate: How is an exchange rate calculated?

It's simple: simply make a transfer to the b-sharpe CHF account.

To do this, simply make a transfer to b-sharpe's CHF account:

  • go to your bank's e-banking system, enter the b-sharpe e-banking details, which you will receive by e-mail when you open your account (or available in the menu in your "customer area"), and make the transfer.
  • Then go to your personal b-sharpe space, and announce the transfer to b-sharpe.

And that's it, you have nothing more to do! We'll take care of the rest, including exchanging your salary and forwarding it to your EUR account.

There is no problem: if you request it, upon receipt of your funds, we will send them directly to your account, if the exchange transaction has not already been carried out.
On the other hand, if you have blocked an exchange rate with b-sharpe, we cannot return the funds and will change the funds as planned.

If you can no longer find b-sharpe's IBAN, you can find it on your customer area, in the menu, then "IBAN and b-sharpe accounts".

If you cannot find it, contact us at and we will send it to you again.

When you want to proceed with a new foreign exchange transaction, you can notify us by clicking on "new transaction" on your personal space, which allows us to be notified of the funds you are going to send us for your future foreign exchange transaction.

However, it is essential to go to your bank account and make a transfer order from your bank to the account we communicated to you when you registered. 

If you wish to exchange a large amount of money, you can call us to lock the exchange rate in real time. You will then have 48 hours to transfer to us the funds.

Employee without an account in Switzerland

Of course, you can benefit from b-sharpe services even if you don't have a bank account in Switzerland. b-sharpe is a very convenient way to change money without online or physical banking in Switzerland.

If you would like your employer to transfer your salary directly to the b-sharpe account, go to your b-sharpe customer area, "Menu" then "Accounts & b-sharpe IBAN" and download the documents to give to your employer.

We can easily receive your salary directly from your employer, but b-sharpe is not a bank and is not allowed to hold your funds. We will therefore change your money to day value and transfer it to your beneficiary account directly without you being able to keep the money in the b-sharpe account.

The IBAN that we will provide you with will not be in your name, but in b-sharpe's name. If you have your salary transferred directly to b-sharpe, simply download from your b-sharpe customer area ("Menu" then "IBAN & b-sharpe accounts") a document that you can give to your employer. In any case, you can contact us by chat, phone or on for more information.

Sometimes this type of transfer takes longer than expected, especially when your employer does not specify your b-sharpe client number in the reason for transfer.
As a result, we are not able to know that you are the beneficiary. In this case, we advise you to contact us to let us know the expected amount.

In order to avoid this inconvenience, you can :

  • in your customer area, click in the menu on "Inform b-sharpe of a funds transfer",
  • Enter the amount you want to change, and the currency,
  • choose the currency you wish to receive,
  • select the account to which you wish to transfer the changed money,
  • select the date on which you want to send the money.

Other money transfer

After we have exchanged your funds, we can transfer your currency to the bank account of your choice in most countries. However, there are restrictions from some banks. In particular, French banks do not accept the transfer of funds from abroad to savings accounts.

b-sharpe is a currency exchange service: our customers send us an amount in currency A (e.g. Swiss francs), which we exchange into currency B (e.g. euros), and transfer it to an account in currency B (b-sharpe then transfers the euros to a euro account).

We do not process fund transfers in the same currency: if a customer sends us an amount in currency A (e.g. Swiss francs, to an account in Switzerland) to be transferred to an account in currency A (e.g. Swiss francs, to an account in France), without a foreign exchange transaction, we cannot process this transaction.

It is possible to carry out a foreign exchange transaction for a third party (private individual or professional) in certain cases only. To do so, we invite you to contact us in order to request the necessary information.

The direct addition of an account of which you are not the holder is impossible on your client space and must be added by us after validation, in order to comply with the anti-money laundering law in force in Switzerland.

You're a private individual:

It is possible to pay some invoices (Lamal, Helsana, real estate agency, travel agency...), for this we need a receipt as proof and the bank details of the organization in order to add it as a professional beneficiary on your space. We will then block the rate in real time and let you know the exact amount to be paid.

You are a company:

We can pay your receipts directly to your suppliers or other service providers. To do so, you can add your beneficiary and make a purchase request directly on your customer space or communicate your receipt directly to us by email. You will then receive an exchange confirmation indicating the amount to be paid to us.

SMEs, in the course of their business activities, sometimes have to juggle several currencies to pay their suppliers. In this context, it can be interesting to use the b-sharpe services which allow, thanks to a multi-currency account, to pay invoices in almost any currency.

Yes it is possible! Once your account is activated, you will simply need to transfer your funds to our account, as soon as we receive your funds, we will exchange them into the desired currency and transfer them to the account provided, or directly to your tax account.

However, this requires the tax department to provide you with the IBAN on which to deposit the money, which is usually done on request.

Yes it is possible! You simply need to send us the IBAN of your account in EUR to make your payment. Your notary can also make the payment directly to us.
For this type of operation, b-sharpe generally allows significant savings compared to traditional players.

Yes it is possible! We can pay for your insurance, you just have to send us the exact amount in EUR and provide us with the corresponding proof. We will then change the EUR into CHF and transfer it to your insurance account.

Yes it is possible! Your pension fund simply has to agree to pay your pension into an account that is not in your name. If it agrees, we receive your funds, exchange them into the currency you want and pay them into your account in your country of residence.

Depending on the type of transaction you wish to carry out, we may ask you for specific documents. Please contact us by email, specifying the type of operation and we will send you the list of necessary supporting documents.

Further information

Between the time you send us your funds to be exchanged and the time you receive the value of your transaction, it takes a maximum of two days. One day for the b-sharpe account to be credited, one day for you to receive the changed currencies. In most cases, 24 hours is sufficient to receive your money.

For customers who are in a hurry, we also offer an express payment service which reduces the transaction time by 24 hours and in some cases you can get the money the same day.

There is no problem: if you request it, upon receipt of your funds, we will return them directly to your account, if the exchange transaction has not already been carried out.
On the other hand, if you have blocked an exchange rate with b-sharpe, we cannot proceed with the return of the funds and will change the funds as planned.

No this is not possible. When we receive your money, all funds are changed into the currency of your choice. It is not possible to keep your money at b-sharpe.

Yes it is possible! To do so, you need to change all your funds in one and the same currency, then we can proceed to pay the funds into different accounts, of your choice. To let us know, you can contact us by email or by phone.

If you would like to inform us of a future payment, you can do so by e-mail, or by telephone on +41 22 311 11 82. Please do not forget to send us your funds.

Yes it is possible! If you are transferring money from your account, simply make a standing order from your account to ours, and we will change it every month, without any specific message from you.

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