Registration from start to finish

100% of the registration is done online.
When you register, the required documents are the following:

  • your passport or valid ID,
  • a proof of residence dating less than 3 months (all types of invoices),
  • a copy of your contract or work permit,
  • the b-sharpe contract which you can sign electronically.

b-Sharpe SA, as a supervised financial intermediary, complies with Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Anti-Money Laundering Act of 10 October 1997, CC 955.0, « AMLA »).

b-sharpe undertakes to comply scrupulously with the law and to combat all forms of money laundering, in particular through the service provided by b-sharpe. b-sharpe strictly complies with its duties of due diligence, by taking all necessary measures, including the following:

  • Verification of the identity of the customer (Art. 3 AMLA);
  • Establishing the identity of the beneficial owner (Art. 4 AMLA);
  • Repetition of the verification of the identity of the customer or the establishment of the identity of the beneficial owner (Art. 5 AMLA);
  • Special duties of due diligence and clarification of the economic background and the purpose of a transaction or of a business relationship (Art. 6 AMLA);
    Duty to keep and retain records for a minimum of ten years (Art. 7 AMLA).

For more information click here.

The b-sharpe contract is signed electronically directly on our platform during registration. It is also possible to download it and it must then be provided to us in PDF, with your signature.
For other documents, all formats are accepted.

After entering your information during registration, we will ask you to sign the contract electronically. Everything takes place online on our platform. In case of technical difficulties when signing this contract, please contact our Customer Care.

Documents are sent directly from your customer area, as is the certification of your identity document and the electronic signature of the b-sharpe contract.
You can also send us these documents via our email

It is not possible to make this type of modification from your customer area. For security reasons, b-sharpe will do this for you.
Please contact us by e-mail or by phone at +41 22 311 11 82.

Please note that we will ask for proof of address less than 3 months old for any change of address.

It is by no means a problem to finalize your registration. First, send us a copy of the first page of your employment contract.
As soon as you receive it, send us a copy of your work permit.

Certification of your ID

This functionality is accessible on your customer area: it will be automatically available when you register. If you have interrupted your registration and wish to resume it, simply log on to your b-sharpe customer area and you will be sent to the stage you have left. If this is not the case, click in the menu at the top right and click on " Resume my account validation ".

Our system accepts all valid passports and identity cards issued by most countries in the world.

There can be 2 reasons for this:

1- The phone number you gave us is not good or is not a mobile number: you can check this in the b-sharpe contract you received after your registration. It often happens that your country code is wrong: for example, you have indicated +41 when your mobile number is French. If you notice an error, we invite you to contact us by email or by phone at +41 22 311 11 82.

2- Some operators encounter problems receiving text messages sent by our external service provider. This can happen if you are abroad for example. Unfortunately, we do not have any solution to solve this problem, which is beyond our control. You can try to connect later or give us another mobile number.

ID certification with b-sharpe takes just a few minutes and works as follows:

1- You can choose to certify your passport or identity card.

2- Let our system guide you through the certification process directly from your smartphone or computer.

3- Our certification service, Onfido, will then check your documents and ask you to perform a selfie: this step is necessary to ensure that you are indeed the holder of the ID that you are transmitting to us.

4- On the basis of this analysis, our services will validate your identity or, if necessary, ask you for additional information.

Click on the button that invites you to take a picture with your smartphone or tablet.
Let the image load, and the system will tell you if the file is suitable or if you need to start over.

Important: it is not necessary to enter both your passport and your ID: one is sufficient.

There may be several reasons why our system will reject your photo:

  • the photo is of poor quality (too dark, too light),
  • the photo does not take the entire document, including all textual information, photos or codes,
  • the photo has reflections that don't allow to read all the information.

Our tips for taking a good photo of your ID or passport:

  • take the photo in a place where there is natural light,
  • avoid using the flash on your camera or mobile phone, it creates unreadable areas on the picture because of the reflection of the flash,
  • if possible, frame the photo so that there are not too many empty areas in the photo.

The ideal is to submit a photo where the ID takes up a large part of the photo.


It is possible to use your webcam but we advise against it for several reasons: on one hand, the quality of these webcams is rarely up to par, and on the other hand, it is frequent that the webcam is not detected by our system, which would prevent you from finalizing the certification of your identity document and therefore your registration.

Our system accepts photos in png, jpg, jpeg and pdf format.

If your ID is no longer valid, you cannot register with b-sharpe.

If you are of French nationality, please note that the five-year extension for identity cards concerns :
the new secure identity cards issued from 1 January 2014 for adults.
secure identity cards issued (plastic cards) between 2 January 2004 and 31 December 2013 for adults.

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