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Thanks to our automated platform, our large trading volume and the expertise of our currency traders, we can help you make significant savings.

The technology we have developed acts as a powerful accelerator of trading processes.
Our platform, by processing your information instantly, allows us to satisfy a large number of clients simultaneously and to reduce your fees to a minimum.

b-sharpe makes transparency one of the pillars of its service, so it is only natural that you should be able to check the consistency of the rates applied to you with the discourse we display.

To do this, nothing could be simpler: you can compare the rate on with any independent provider (such as Yahoo, Google).

The only charges we apply that are not hidden are transaction fees of CHF 5 per transaction if the amount is less than CHF 5'000.- or its equivalent for transactions processed in other currencies.
No fee is charged if the transaction exceeds CHF 5,000.

The rate of a currency that you see on Yahoo or Google is strictly speaking an average of the current buying and selling rate. Simply put, you buy a currency more expensive than you would sell it. The difference between these two rates, also known as the "spread", is the remuneration of the financial intermediary, who fixes it at will.

Taking advantage of their dominant position and natural monopoly, banks spread their buying and selling rates as much as possible to maximize their profit. This is how between 3% and 4% of the amounts you change disappear, without even realizing it.

And that's not all: the banks can deduct a lump sum from your account after your transaction for processing or transaction fees. With your bank, you never know how much this will cost you.

b-sharpe's commitment is:

To reduce the exchange margin charged by banks by three-quarters.
Not to charge any fees for any amount over CHF 5,000 or equivalent.

When an exchange rate is fixed in advance with b-sharpe, a double commitment occurs :

  • b-sharpe undertakes to carry out the exchange transaction taking into account this fixed exchange rate.
  • you undertake to transfer the funds to be changed to us within a maximum of 48 hours following the time the rate was fixed.

In the event of non-compliance on your part, we will invoice the amount corresponding to the price of the cover taken by b-sharpe to honour this exchange transaction.

For amounts over CHF 20'000 or equivalent, it is possible and recommended to fix in advance with b-sharpe the exchange rate that will be applied upon receipt of the funds. By doing so, you can protect yourself against exchange rate fluctuations between the time the funds are sent from your bank and the time they are received by b-sharpe.

For smaller amounts, this is still possible, but the difference can be minimal, sometimes less than CHF 1, whether this is to your advantage or disadvantage.

b-sharpe, on the other hand, does not offer forward selling (exchange rate guarantee): forward selling offered by banks not only has a significant cost, but also involves a significant financial risk for customers in the event of job loss, for example, due to the commitment over several months (3, 6 or 12 months).

Three decisive advantages make b-sharpe less expensive:

  • While our clients are individually subject to market and bank commissions, we pool their volume and can therefore rebalance the balance of power in favour of our clients.
  • Professional skills at your service: b-sharpe's team is composed exclusively of foreign exchange professionals, with direct access to the trading rooms and therefore the best rates available.
  • Structure fees: b-sharpe has developed an automated and integrated platform that allows the same manager to manage your operations from start to finish, where one bank would involve several departments and as many staff for the same transaction. We reduce our structure costs and pass the benefits on to our clients: no transaction fees*, no opening or account maintenance fees. These are all additional costs that our customers are more than happy not to pay for by making their transactions via b-sharpe.

* b-sharpe charges a unit fee of CHF 5 per transaction if it is less than CHF 5,000 or its equivalent. No fee is charged if the transaction exceeds CHF 5,000.

These unit charges do not constitute remuneration for b-sharpe. We are convinced that regardless of the amounts changed, our service saves our customers money.

For each transaction, the reference rate used by b-sharpe is the real-time interbank market rate. Indeed, our platform is continuously connected to the major players in the currency market.

This allows us to ensure that the exchange rate b-sharpe applies always remains as close as possible to the actual rate of a currency, and that you don't pay more for your foreign currency transactions.

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