Save on foreign exchange during your studies abroad

Study Abroad: reduce foreign exchange costs

Studying abroad is now more common, and some schools or universities even require their students to do an internship in a foreign company or spend a year of study in a school or university abroad.

Whether completing a full time or part time course, a student will spend at least several months or years, during which he or she will be have expenses in that country, usually in a local currency.

Every foreign student who has decided to follow this course also will have many steps to take, such as finding housing, enrol in school or university etc. Here is an overview of the expenses that a student may face and the solutions that the b-Sharpe multi exchange platform can bring to those who wish to study abroad.

Expenses in foreign currencies that could be costly

Such projects usually mean expenditure, often in foreign currencies: registration fees, housing costs, food costs are some of the most common expenses that arise in everyday life.


Course and examination fees and enrollment at school or university

Even before entering school or university, the student will usually have registration fees to pay, especially if he or she has to present coursework or pass an examination. In this case, the costs are variable, and range from a few hundred francs (or foreign currency equivalent) to some thousands of francs.

What b-Sharpe can do for you

At this very early stage of the student’s journey, b-Sharpe allows you:

  • To make an exchange into the currency that you need at a rate which is amongst the best in the market and with very low costs (the margin on exchange fee is typically 70% lower than those used by traditional banks), without needing to move.
  • To have a wide range of currencies, available immediately : Swiss francs, euros, dollars, yen, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars …
  • To make payment of registration or course fees directly from your computer : in fact, b-Sharpe allows you to pay the establishment at no extra charge.

Registration at b-Sharpe is Simple and free and given its versatility, there is no need to change banks, b-Sharpe simply becomes an addition to your usual banking practices.

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