On each currency exchange and every international transfer you make with b-Sharpe, you save an average of 70% in charges

Do you make occasional or regular international transfers, or simply want to change some money? b-Sharpe offers a simple solution with charges amongst the best on the market

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  • Save up to 70% on foreign exchange transactions
  • With some of the best rates on the market
  • No need to switch banks: b-Sharpe adapts to what you are used to.

Do you have any question about our service? Here are 5 good reasons to use b-Sharpe to change your money and to make your international money transfers

1 On average, you make a 70% saving on the fees charged by your bank or financial service

b-Sharpe offers a more advantageous exchange rate for over 30 currencies,

Whether for your regular transactions (foreign exchange and international payments, perhaps a monthly amount in dollars for your children studying abroad) or the occasional (exchanging a currency for a trip abroad), b-Sharpe saves you 70% on average on the usual margin, guaranteeing you a more attractive exchange rate.

Examples of transfers and foreign exchange

  • To change 2 000 CHF to EUR per month, l’économie réalisée sur l’année sera de 240 EUR
  • To change 3 000 EUR to USD for the holidays, the annual saving would be 30 USD

In both cases, the international transfer of currency to the bank of your choice is free of charge

Le change de monnaies et devises avec b-Sharpe


Your employer may even pay your salary directly to a b-Sharpe account for immediate exchange without having to open an account.

2 You do not need to switch banks for your exchange transactions

The b-Sharpe exchange platform allows you to perform foreign exchange and international money transfers without changing your usual banking habits

b-Sharpe is an online service that allows individuals to make foreign exchange of currency and international transfers at optimum rates. The b-Sharpe service integrates into your usual services: simply transfer the funds from your bank that you want to change, and b-Sharpe will perform the foreign exchange transaction and then make a local or international transfer to the bank of your choice.

The b-Sharpe transaction in a few steps

1. After registering at b-Sharpe, we will send you an IBAN that you will send to your bank.
2. You then transfer the sum you wish to exchange directly to your b-Sharpe account from your usual bank and tell us the currency you want to buy.
3. After the currency exchange, b-Sharpe transfers the desired amount of currency to the bank of your choice.

3 A double security that allows you to exchange currencies and make international payments in al tranquility.

Exchange transactions and international transfers are safer

LForeign exchange transactions and international transfers on b-Sharpe’s Swiss platform are based on advanced technologies that guarantee a high level of security.
Furthermore, by making your transactions electronic, you greatly reduce human risk (theft, assault, loss …).

Insurance against fraud

With b-Sharpe, your international transfers are insured, at no extra cost, for a maximum of 3 million Swiss francs.

Simple, fast foreign exchange management

4 Foreign exchange and international transfers are carried out quickly and easily

Your foreign exchange transactions made within hours

With b-Sharpe, a foreign exchange transaction or an international transfer will take from a few minutes to 48 hours for the most complex operations. In all cases, you enjoy the best foreign exchange rates, and we are committed to handling your request within minutes of its receipt.

Choose the contact method you prefer

You want to make your exchange transactions by phone? You want to make an international transfer directly from our platform on the Web? You want to track an order by email?
b-Sharpe fits in with the contact method you prefer to ensure the best currency exchange services and international transfers.

5 Transparent foreign exchange transactions

For each currency exchange, you will know the exchange rate and the margin

When making a currency exchange transaction in a bank, you do not know, generally, the true exchange rate actually applied, or the margin.
b-Sharpe, to the contrary, is as transparent as possible with its clients: for every foreign exchange transaction, currency exchange rates, margins and costs are clearly communicated.

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An overall winning & trustworthy service with savings on (i) Money - I cannot find a better all-in FX rate! and (ii) Time - I moved from physically withdrawing & changing @Migros bank over w/e's to online (e-banking + email) with b-Sharpe. In addition you gain on better decision making - you choose anytime when and how much to change. the b-Sharpe team turns it around in 24h and I'm informed exactly what rate was applied. I see the transfers on my a/c within a further 24h!
B. Manish
B-Sharpe provide a unrivalled platform and service within their industry. The level of service and professionalism that I have experienced first hand is a testament to the dedication of the company to service their clients needs. The process regarding all transactions is smooth and swift and I can only offer my highest recommendation for this team.
Smith Paul
Contracts Manager

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