Cross border workers, save an average of 70% on the repatriation of your salary, without changing banks

Did you know that you could save money changing your salary with a totally secure solution without changing your habits?

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We offer solutions specifically designed for the needs of cross border workers to enable them to manage their currency exchange transactions.

5 reasons to use b-Sharpe for your euro to Swiss franc exchange transactions and for transfering your cross border salary

1 Save on average 70% on the transfer of your Swiss cross border salary compared to usual methods

Each month cross border workers are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates between the Swiss franc and the euro, when they want to change their salary into their own currency, so any savings are welcome: the b-Sharpe service allows you to make a saving of average of 70% on the margin rate levied on the exchange charges on a Swiss cross border salary

For example

For a cross border worker changing 5,000 CHF into EUR each month, the savings over the year will be around 624 EUR.


Your employer may even pay your salary directly to a b-Sharpe account for immediate exchange without having to open an account.

2 You do not need to change banks to transfer your Swiss cross border salary

b-Sharpe is an online service that allows cross border workers to change their Swiss francs into euros at the best rates. With b-Sharpe, cross border workers do not need to switch banks: they just need to transfer the amount of Swiss francs of their salary that they wish to change into euros, and b-Sharpe makes the exchange and transfers the euros to their bank account.

The exchange scheme and transfer of your salary

1. Your employer pays your salary in Swiss francs into your regular bank account (Swiss or foreign bank).
2. You transfer to b-Sharpe the amount of your salary in CHF you want to change into euros.
3. Once the exchange is made, b-Sharpe transfers the amount in euros to the bank of your choice, in France, Switzerland or elsewhere.

3 Swiss quality and security in the exchange and transfer of your Swiss cross border salary to your bank

A currency exchange and money transfer service which has the best security standards

Hosted in Geneva, Switzerland, the b-Sharpe platform has the best encryption technology, ensuring total security for your transactions, (whether to transfer or exchange, the currency of your cross border salary, in Swiss francs or in euros, to your bank)

Transfers are insured against fraud

The b-Sharpe platform insures all of its client’s transfers against fraud, for a total of up to CHF 3 million. The safety of your money is our priority.

Simple and quick management of foreign exchange transactions

4 Speed and simplicity in the exchange and repatriation of your Swiss cross border salary

Our cross border customers can choose the means of communication they prefer to change their Swiss francs into euros and to transfer their cross border salary: on the web, by email or by telephone.

Rapid exchange transactions

In foreign exchange, processing speed is crucial. b-Sharpe agrees to process your transactions within minutes of receipt to guarantee the best rates of exchange.

5 Full transparency of foreign exchange, for cross border customers

Unlike most banks and exchange bureaus, b-Sharpe adopts a policy of full transparency vis-à-vis its cross border clients. For each exchange of your Swiss francs into euros, you know the actual exchange rate and margin applied. Because for b-Sharpe, transparency is synonymous with trust.

transparence des frais de change de b-Sharpe

They recommend us!

An overall winning & trustworthy service with savings on (i) Money - I cannot find a better all-in FX rate! and (ii) Time - I moved from physically withdrawing & changing @Migros bank over w/e's to online (e-banking + email) with b-Sharpe. In addition you gain on better decision making - you choose anytime when and how much to change. the b-Sharpe team turns it around in 24h and I'm informed exactly what rate was applied. I see the transfers on my a/c within a further 24h!
B. Manish
B-Sharpe provide a unrivalled platform and service within their industry. The level of service and professionalism that I have experienced first hand is a testament to the dedication of the company to service their clients needs. The process regarding all transactions is smooth and swift and I can only offer my highest recommendation for this team.
Smith Paul
Contracts Manager

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