How to transfer money to the b-sharpe account

"Before any foreign exchange transaction, it is essential to send the amount to be exchanged to b-sharpe's account, as b-sharpe will not make any withdrawals from its clients' accounts.
Schematically, here is how the transaction will take place:
  • In your b-sharpe client area, signal your foreign exchange transaction by clicking on the menu option "Inform b-sharpe of a funds transfer". At this point you should indicate the amount you are exchanging, the starting currency, and the desired currency.
  • From your bank's e-banking area, make a transfer to the b-sharpe account. To find out which b-sharpe account to transfer money to, go to "IBAN & b-sharpe accounts" in your ebanking menu, or see the details of the transaction in the history of your exchange transactions, located in your b-sharpe client area".
Here are some tips to follow to make this transfer under the best possible conditions.

Important note

It is imperative to indicate the following in the "Reason for the transfer" field with regard to the transfer made from your e-banking area:
  • the b-sharpe client code found in your client area. You can find this on all pages (the b-sharpe client code starts with C and is followed by 7 digits). This client code can also be found in the details of each transaction that you have initiated in your client area.
  • your last name and your first name

This information will enable us to optimise your foreign exchange transaction and speed up its transfer to your account

1. Make sure the currency matches the recipient account

Please note, the currency you transfer to the b-sharpe account must match the currency of the account (for example, if you want to exchange Swiss francs into euros, then you must transfer Swiss francs from your CHF account to the b-sharpe CHF account).

2. Create a standing order or payment template

If your foreign exchange transactions are regular (for example, for a private client who transfers an amount in Swiss francs every month to b-sharpe to exchange into euros), we recommend that, in order to simplify your life, you create a standing order (if the amount you transfer is the same) or you create a payment template (a template that you can reuse on each transfer, where you just have to modify the amount transferred and the date).